Quill.org Hamilton Internship

Quill.org Education Internship for Hamilton Students

Quill.org is a free online tool that helps low-income students become great writers. We are a non-profit, open source organization, and there are currently more than 500,000 students using Quill. With your help, we can teach millions of students.

Quill.org is located in New York City, and we hosted two Hamilton students during their 2016 NYC semester, Yuwen Michelson and Sharon Liu. As a small startup, our interns play a critical role in a number of different areas of Quill, including research, outreach, curriculum development, and marketing. Our office is in the financial district, and it is a short walk from the Hamilton campus. Yuwen wrote about her experience working with Quill for Hamilton, and you can find the post here: https://www.hamilton.edu/news/story/giving-students-a-voice-in-the-world.


Quill’s Education interns work with teachers and students to develop new activities and materials. Through meetings with educators at schools and libraries throughout New York City, the intern will learn how students are using Quill and generate ideas for how it can be improved. We work directly with teachers and educators to develop new, free materials, and during the internship you will help us reach out to new teachers and develop materials. Finally, you will help us reach new teachers through online marketing.

During the course of the internship you’ll be learning about educational product design, rapid prototyping, digital marketing, and community building.

What Will You Be Doing?

  • Working with students and teachers in the New York City region to design and test Quill.
  • Building our community by connecting  with educators online.
  • Creating new learning activities based on teacher feedback.
  • Adding teacher created activities into our system.

We are located in the Financial District of NYC, and this position is unpaid.

Why Should You Join Us?

  • Solve Important Problems – Our vision is to educate the next generation of writers. Your work has the chance to positively impact millions of students.
  • Big Responsibilities – You will be leading projects and helping us make decisions. We’re looking for people who like to take initiative.
  • Small Team – You will be working with a small team of experts dedicated to helping millions of students.

To apply please send a brief letter of introduction to Becca Garrison at jobs (at) quill.org.


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