Quill Partnerships Director

Quill is building tools that engage students in the writing process. Quill is a nonprofit, open source community, and over 100 teachers, students, and developers have contributed to it.

About the Partnerships Director

We are growing rapidly, and we would like to work with a person who can speak and listen to educators, condense their feedback into actionable points, secure pilot partnerships, and build relationships with fundraisers. Quill is currently being built by 4 cofounders. As an early stage startup, we’re looking for someone with an entrepreneurial spirit who will be involved in every aspect of building Quill. This is position is a cofounder role.


  • Speak with teachers online through interviews with bloggers and conversations in social media channels.
  • Meeting educators at conferences and events.
  • Using analytics to see which channels are the most effective.

For this role you should be interested in developing your marketing skills through classes like General Assembly and websites like Growth Hackers.


  • Speaking with teachers and administrators to secure partnerships for Quill Premium.
  • Visiting classrooms and listening student and teacher feedback.

For this role you must be diligent about following up with people and comfortable presenting to a group of people.


  • Working with Peter to develop relationships with funders from foundations.
  • Attending the Fast Forward accelerator program.

For this role you must be interested in building a network of champions, supporters, funders, and mentors. You should be excited about participating in accelerator programs such as AT&T Aspire and working with mentors such as Charles Best.

Opportunity – Participate in Fast Forward

Quill is in the application process for the world’s only Nonprofit Tech Accelerator, Fast Forward. If Quill is accepted into the program, the Partnerships Director will be working together with Peter, Quill’s Executive Director, to participate in this program. Ideally you would be based in San Francisco for the duration of the program.

The Fast Forward program has put together a team of 75 high caliber mentors. Please take some time to learn more about the accelerator here: https://www.ffwd.org/

Fast Forward’s accelerator program will take place in San Francisco, CA during the summer. All organizations will receive a $25,000 grant, 13 weeks of training, and connections to 75 high-caliber mentors. All organizations must be nonprofits leveraging technology to address education, environmental, health, or human rights problems.

About Quill

Quill.org provides free tools, apps, and games that engage students in the writing process. Teachers are provided with a dashboard where they see how students are progressing on the Common Core. Quill is a nonprofit, open source community, and more than 100 educators and developers have contributed.

Quill is free to use, and it is currently being used by 80,000 students nationwide. Quill currently features three apps: Quill Grammar, Quill Proofreader, and Quill Writer. It creates strong, effective authors by providing students with instant feedback and personalized activities. Teachers save time grading homework and can easily generate differentiated learning paths. Administrators and teachers can use Quill Progress Reports to ascertain students’ mastery of the Common Core standards. In the coming year, we will introduce apps that teach vocabulary, peer feedback, and expository writing. Our long-term vision is to collaboratively build a series of educational apps. Together, we can engage students in every aspect of the writing process and empower them to write their own stories.

Contact Info

Please contact Peter at peter (at) quill (dot) org to learn more.

Timeline and Logistics

The Partnerships Director will begin around June 15th. For June through September the Partnerships Director would ideally be based in San Francisco for the Fast Forward program, but the person could also fly out for the meetings.

The Quill team is based in New York. After the Fast Forward program, the Partnerships Director could continue working remotely from San Francisco or move to New York.

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