Educational Game Designer

Educational Game Designer

Quill is a free literacy tool that teaches writing, grammar, and vocabulary skills to students. We are a nonprofit, open source organization that was founded by Bates alumni, and there are currently over 100,000 students using Quill. With your help we can teach millions of students.  Learn more about our mission here: We’ve had over 100 people contribute to the site, from developers writing code to educators creating activities. You can see our entire community at

The educational game designer will help us develop new game mechanics within our apps. The designer will be working directly with students and teachers to test and build apps such as Quill Writer.

What Will You Be Doing?

  • Designing new learning experiences
  • Examining how students perform on activities
  • Testing the difficulty levels of the activities
  • Learning about educational practices and applying them.

We are located in the Financial District of NYC, and this will be a commitment of 15-40 hours per week over 8-12 weeks. This position is unpaid. 

Why Should You Join Us?

  • Solve Important Problems – Our vision is to educate the next generation of writers. Your work has the chance to positively impact millions of students.
  • Big Responsibilities – You will be leading projects and helping us make decisions. We’re looking for people who like to take initiative.
  • Small Team – You will be working with a small team of 4 co-founders, two of whom graduated from Bates in 2011.

What Makes You a Good Fit?

  • Playing games – you enjoy playing both video games and board games.
  • Interested in Education – You’re interested in thinking about learning.
  • Testing Ideas – You like to prototype and build new things.  

To apply please send a brief letter of introduction to Peter Gault at peter (at)

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