Celebrating Mistakes at Healthcare.gov

From the Time article on Healthcare.gov:

“We just kept saying, ‘Let’s pick ourselves up and fight,'” Park recalls. “And when the site came back, we pushed ahead nonstop … We went from doing three or four releases”–upgrades or changes to the website–“in October to 25 in November.”

“The team,” says Zients, “ran two-minute drills to perfection. We had the best players on the field. Some plays didn’t work. We talked about some of those. But there was never any finger pointing. People just hustled right back to the line, and we ran the next play.”

Dickerson was so adamant about the need to forgo finger pointing and move on to the next play that during one stand-up in mid-November he demanded a round of applause for an engineer who called out from the back of the room that a brief outage had probably been the result of a mistake he had made.

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