Always Remove Old Terminology

Time Period: July 2013 – January 2014

The Mistake: Moving Forward with Old Terminology 

We received seed funding in the form of a $25,000 grant in July 2013. We signed on board a lead developer, and we began rapidly developing a number of features. These features we’re designed and then iterated upon. In particular, we engaged in two major revisions to the site. We changed the structure of the activities and the hierarchy of the content.

Both times we made the changes the lead developer did not properly clean out the old code and refactor the terms. This lead to a series of confusing terms polluting our code base, which only became apparent months later when a new developer came on board to continue the project.

What We Learned: Always Strip Out Old Terms

With every new thing we introduce, the project is not finished until the old feature completely taken out. When a new feature overlaps with a previous feature, the previous feature must be taken out completely. Not doing so creates an enormous pile of technical debt.


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